Organic Oils

Welcome to the world of pure nourishment for your body and soul. Our range of cold-pressed, organic oils is loaded with the right amount of goodness and joy. The oil extraction process is traditional and the raw materials used are handpicked and sourced from our farms.

We follow the age-old method of using a wooden ‘chekku’ for grinding the seeds. The process is slower and does not include the addition of harsh chemicals at any stage, also they are not subjugated to higher temperatures. The entire process is kept below 40 degrees, so there is no nutrient loss. Once the process completes, we collect the oil and leave it for settling which is called the cooling period. As this is a natural step, the residue collected at the bottom is used as feed for our farm animals.

We believe in creating a sustainable farming practice and so, we practice a routine that is mindful of wastage. The conventional method of oil extraction will help in building a better and healthier body. You can invest in a better tomorrow with our selected range of cold-pressed oils. Each oil is neatly packed and processed for your personal use. Explore this range and make a conscious decision to safeguard your family from today!

Coconut Oil

From Rs. 283.00

Castor Oil

Rs. 228.00

Ground Nut Oil

From Rs. 334.00

Gingelly oil

From Rs. 688.00